Epson is European sales and marketing subsidiary of the Seiko EPSON Corporation, a global manufacturer of printers, computers, watches and other technology products. EPSON products are designed for a wide range of customers in business, government and the home. EPSON's history spans over 100 years with a heritage that began in watch making and led to the invention of the world's first quartz watch along with many other technologies "firsts".  Click here for more details

Ranked top five first Major Branded computer companies world Wide, most popular and famous for Desktop Publishing, used widely in the Publication houses, Printing Presses and Advertising Agencies. Most elegant for its unbeatable technology and Capabilities dealing with Graphics. Its Dazzling looks makes it among other things a high-Definition desktop.
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Being appointed as the authorized distributors for the Adobe line of products through their Gulf based agent in Dubai, we cater to the supply and support for the following software for PCs and Apple Mac platforms. Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dream Waver, Adobe Flash etc. Click here for more details

Acer is among the world’s top ten branded PC vendors. Acer employs marketing and service operations across Asia – Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, supporting dealers and distributors in over 100 nations. In addition to offering a broad spectrum of IT services, Acer is also a leading innovator of e-business, providing Mega Micro e-enabling solutions that combine IT products with a range of Micro services delivered via Acer’s Mega infrastructure. Click here for more details

HP operates in 170 countries around the world.Loay can offer end to end IT solutions delivered in partnership with HP.Complete range of Desktop like Tower,Mini Tower,Small form factor,Thin clients and for high end performance with high graphic quality Engineering applications HP workstation. For portables Loay can offer HP Tablets and Note Books.

Also to work worry free with Business HP Printers, HP laser Printers and HP Business Scanners. HP products are designed to with stand the demands of Enterprise Environment.Click here for more details

LOAY International LLC is registered as Microsoft Emerging Business Partner. Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has been a leader in this transformation. As a reflection of that role—and to help us focus on the opportunities that lie ahead—we have established and embraced a new corporate mission Click here for more details