TECHNICAL SUPPLIES & SERVICES division of Loay International LLC is the Prime Vendor for Sokkia positioning products (including Land & Hydrography surveying). SOKKIA products range from the highly accurate Industrial & Monitoring 3D Stations to high-tech Robotic & Motorized Total stations, Practical and affordable Construction Total Stations, GNSS systems, Field Data collection and Office Processing software. Other products offered include the everyday basic accessories such as tripods, hand tools, construction laser products and supplies. Primary target customers are Govt. Departments, Consultants, Construction companies, Contracting Companies, MEP Contractors, Land surveying companies, Engineers, Surveyors, GPS/GIS professionals, Education Institutes and Utility providers to name a few. The products offered are not limited to these applications; we also offer Custom made product solutions for customers who are archaeologists, highway patrol accident investigators, shipbuilders, resource managers, and so on. In Short, we cater to almost anyone who needs Precise Positioning, Accurate Measurement, Remote monitoring, Industrial Tacheometery, GIS data collection, construction tools for interiors etc



Providing leading edge technology in a smart, rugged design, the GSX2 provides superior performance at an affordable price. The compact, integrated receiver design includes the GNSS board, sealed long-life power supply, memory storage and long-range data communication.

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Sokkia GRX2 has been enhanced with the latest GNSS chipset technology, providing 226 channels and superior antenna quality. Both RTK and Static operations will be completed with increased productivity. The GRX2 provides unmatched usability and versatility that guarantees to increase productivity.

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Auto-tracking function enhances your productivity and efficiency dramaticallyauto tracking The DX series locks and searches prism constantly, under the smooth control of one person at rover side. The instrument automatically focuses on the target, eliminating manual focusing adjustment, thus increasing measurement speed and enhancing productivity.

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Extremely Robust Auto-TrackingAuto tracking Incorporating cutting-edge laser and image processing technologies, the SX offers extremely robust prism tracking capability that provides exemplary performance on any job site. Advanced tracking algorithms also enhance the ability to predict future prism positions, dramatically increasing tracking stability. Even with intensive reflections from a object behind the prism, or with repetitive interruptions in the line-of-sight, the SX tightly tracks a moving prism.

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An industry first! New function to protect your investment.

RED-tech Technology Reflectorless EDM
• Fast distance measurement of 0.9s regardless of object.
• SOKKIA traditional pinpoint precision in reflectorless distance measurement.
• Reflectorless operation from 30cm to 500m.
• Coaxial EDM beam and laser-pointer provide fast and accurate aiming.
• Ensures accuracy even with reflective sheets.

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Windows® CE is Ready in a Lightweight, Compact Body
Windows® CE 6.0 provides a comfortable operating environment.
Completely new onboard application “MAGNET Field” is installed as standard feature.

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Engineering structures, such as buildings, dams, tunnels and bridges, can always be affected by movement caused by excavation, heavy construction and piling placement, in addition to natural hazards, such as harsh weather, soil movement, change of ground water level or any number of other factors. The ultimate goal in any project, at any job site, is to secure the safety of people and equipment, and therefore the saving of maintenance cost.

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Acquire true north anytime and anywhere GYRO X II uses a suspended gyromotor that oscillates around the earth's meridian (true north) due to the principle of precession caused by the rotation of the earth. This principle realizes faster and more precise measurement than other solutions

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Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability

SuperiorPerformance and Durability
All models feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems, proven tilt compensators, and the industry's highest IP66 protection grade.

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The SDL50 is a reliable, easy to use digital level ideal for the construction field.
Height accuracy of 1.5mm can be achieved using fiberglass RAB-Code staves (Standard deviation for 1km double-run leveling).

The SDL50 is equipped with the same compensator as the SDL30, assuring a reliable, wide compensating range ±15'.

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Simply focus on the RAB-Code staff and press a button. The measurement result of both height and distance is displayed on the screen in 3 seconds. Digital levels minimize human error and maximize the ease of leveling work, allowing an increased level of productivity and cost performance.

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The SDL1X is designed to achieve the highest precision and productivity in leveling and height measurement applications. From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, a number of innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched reliability while eliminating error factors during measurement. The SDL1X sets the ultimate benchmark for the precision digital levels.

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SOKKIA provides a wide range of automatic levels to suit your specific needs. All models incorporate exclusively designed precision compensators that employ a magnetic damping system for outstanding accuracy and dependability.

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The SHC250 data collector incorporates the latest Windows Mobile® 6.5 and the Spectrum Survey Field software that fully controls Sokkia GPS/GNSS receivers and total stations with unsurpassed ease and speed.

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